The perfect floor has been there the whole time. Yes, it’s concrete.

Tired of requiring expensive and time-consuming maintenance and sealers for your floor? Looking for a floor that is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and maintenance free?

Look no more. Polished concrete is the ideal floor finish for many businesses, both large and small, producing a floor that is permanent, durable, and in line with green construction.

Concrete Reflections Inc. has earned its status as an industry leader in the staining, grinding and polishing concrete process, producing a quality floor product that holds up under heavy usage.

This glossy and aesthetically pleasing solution to floor maintenance projects a highly reflective bright, clean image that:

  • ·        improves traction,
  • ·        resists marks,
  • ·        requires minimal maintenance
  • ·        holds up well to heavy traffic.

How do we do it? We use an 8-12 step polishing process. Concrete Reflections a concrete polisher that uses heavy duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated metal bond and resin bond disks. These disks grind down concrete surfaces until your floors are smooth and shiny.

A polished concrete floor is harder and stronger than other floor finishes. Concrete polishing eliminates the need for waxes, epoxies or other materials to be applied on your floor.

Enjoy a new dimension of flooring for warehouses, retail and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, showroom floors and airplane hangers. Whether your concrete is new or old, concrete solutions are ideal for architects, designers, builders and contractors who desire a high quality floor that is full of character, beauty and ecologically responsible.

After all, we use the strongest, most environmentally sustainable material on earth- CONCRETE.

The performance, quality, style and innovation of Concrete Reflections Inc. will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have achieved the perfect floor, and yes, it’s concrete.

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Floor concrete polishing offers many features

What are some of the advantages of concrete polishing?

Now, more than ever before, because of advances in regards to the concrete polishing techniques, many businesses are turning to polished concrete as a floor of choice. Why?

Advantages include:

Safety- Polished concrete is a good safety choice. It is slip-resistant and when kept dry and clean, polished concrete floors are generally no slicker than regular concrete surfaces.

Maintenance: Polished concrete requires minimal maintenance effort and expense and its shine should last for years. Regular care of occasional dusting and mopping with a neutral cleaning can be required. No buffing is required. With minor care, polished concrete should maintain its beautiful luster.

Appearance: A polished concrete floor, done correctly, is striking. Exposing the aggregate in the concrete unveils a beautiful stone look. There are many ways to modify the color and the actual look of the floor that is polished, and also the sheen can be adjusted. You’ll be surprised at the many ways concrete polishing can enhance the total look of a building.

Increase in Ambient Light: A surprise benefit of polished concrete is that ambient light increases due to the high light reflectivity involved in concrete that is polished. Office buildings, restaurants, hotels and other public spaces that look to project a clean, professional image do well with a polished concrete floor. What this means is fewer overhead lights are needed in facilities with polished concrete floors.

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Can you polish an existing concrete floor?


Some homeowners and businesses wonder, when considering flooring concerns, whether their existing concrete floor could be turned into a shiny, highly attractive polished concrete floor? In other words, can an existing slab of concrete be changed into an essentially new floor by expert concrete polishers? Is it worth the time and effort required to change a boring floor into a virtual work of art?

The answer to the question is yes, an existing floor can undergo concrete polishing to change its appearance. Simply put, polishing concrete is similar to wood sanding. Polishing machines, which are quite heavy duty, gradually grind down the surface to a certain shine and smoothness. Think of polished granite or marble as a kind of equivalent.

Retrofitting floors can be cut or sanded for a whole new look. The natural aggregate will be the feature or a topping slab can be added on top of the existing slab.

Just remember, polished concrete as a high quality flooring choice is on the rise- it is becoming a popular no-wax flooring material, thanks to advances in the kinds of polishing equipment and techniques used. Now, contractors can grind concrete floor surfaces to an eye-pleasing high-gloss finish. You’ll be pleased to know these finishes never need waxes or coatings and are scuff and mark resistant, too.

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Maintenance reduced with polished concrete

Concrete Polisher, Concrete Polishing,Polished Concrete, Polishing concrete

Polished concrete, as one of the more popular new flooring options in the past two decades, offers several environmental advantages over traditional flooring.

First off, the highly polished surface improves energy efficiency. Highly reflective surfaces help increase overall light levels, from the reflection upward. Improved light levels help reduce the number of light fixtures needed and can help with the long term cost of energy.

Secondly, the concrete polishing system reduces VOCs. Many people have trouble with airborne contaminants that create odors and affect the quality of air indoors. When you polish concrete, the process uses sealers that have low VOC levels and very effective HEPA vacuums that remove almost all of the airborne particles that are stirred up during the process.

You do not need a new slab of concrete to choose concrete polishing as your floor covering of choice. An old concrete surface can also be used. Plus, another advantage of the flooring is that since the polished concrete floor resists damage from water and surface abrasions, the overall maintenance costs are lowered through a polished concrete floor.

Why buy a product that will wear out and must be produced, maintained and installed over and over again? Concrete that is polished is the best choice for you.

Maintenance reduced with polished concrete

Although polished concrete is very low maintenance, there is some maintenance to the high-luster product. Consumers should understand the limitations and the strengths of polished concrete so that you can maintain its beauty for many years.

Concrete actually is scratched, or ground, by diamonds that are finer and finer until it achieves a beautiful shine. These scratches applied by the diamond grits have to become uniform and then the next grit is begun. The process involves using smaller and smaller scratches which makes a smoother and smoother floor. This process is done by a heavy rotating piece of polishing concrete equipment.

On your polished concrete floor, small scratches also come from people’s shoes, grocery carts, chairs, equipment, etc. So some high traffic areas might dull first before foot traffic areas. Some companies have a schedule to maintain their polished concrete floor. It is suggested you dust mop it daily and then weekly clean it with clear water or mop it. On a monthly basis, mop with clear water or autoscrub with clear water. If you use soap, be sure to rinse well. Quarterly some people recommend a neutral pH detergent. Annually, it could be optional for a high speed burnish using a diamond maintenance burnishing pad. Within five years, it might be time to take things to the next level.

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Changes have come to contemporary flooring


The construction industry, within the last decade or so, has embraced the polished concrete floor. While sometimes utilized in industrial settings, concrete polishing is now becoming a flooring of choice in offices, retail spaces and event residential homes.

Why so much interest? It is a well-known fact that polished concrete connects the durability of concrete with aesthetics associated with natural stone. What’s the result? A glowing, gleaming finish, that not only looks really great but is easy to take care of. And, it is truly durable. A nice footnote is that concrete floors are an environmentally sustainable flooring choice.

Whether old or new construction, a polished concrete floor can be utilized. In new construction, the slab can be poured specifically for the purpose of creating a feature floor, or a work space that is highly functional. In existing buildings, slabs that are already there can be ground down and polished to create a long-lasting and quite appealing floor that maintains its shine.  It’s surprising how durable this flooring is, and also, as a side note, it is exceptionally easy to maintain.

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Polished concrete flooring = GREEN option

It may surprise many that concrete polished floors are considered one of the most effective GREEN systems for floors available today. These floors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can be cost effective and also are sustainable. Builders and contractors searching for methods that are sustainable and that offer a long-term solution to flooring problems, as well as green design, recognize polished concrete as an earth friendly, outstanding alternative to traditional flooring options.

One leader in GREEN building, the United State Green Building Council, has noted these LEED advantages over traditional floor treatments:

  • Reduces short term costs. The concrete polishing system removes the cost of producing, shipping, installing and maintaining other floor systems. Even recycled and eco-friendly flooring options do not solve these problems.

  • Reduces material costs. The existing concrete slab is the base for a long lasting floor. All that is done is polishing, adding no harmful contaminants in the air. There is very little environmental impact in concrete polishing.

  • Reduces long term costs. Other floor systems have a limited life cycle and need to be replaced every now and then, no matter how well they are maintained. Not so with polished concrete. It requires only periodic rebuffing to maintain its shine. This process is not expensive and requires a minimum of time.

Consider polished concrete for your next project to make your home or workplace a GREEN facility.

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Need a worry-free floor? Choose polished concrete!

Homeowners considering the natural look of marble may want to consider the less expensive option of polished concrete for their home. The outcome of a polished concrete floor is not only as appealing, some say, but in many cases it is more flexible in its appearance compared to marble.

Polished concrete maintains its looks for a long time, with very little maintenance. There is a long life to polished concrete. It is scuff and break-resistant and remains beautiful for a long time. It also can be used for exterior and interior floors, matching many color schemes. Staining can be used to transform the concrete into something that looks totally different- perhaps from deep green to a sky blue.

Finally, and this is good news for busy families, polished concrete holds up well to the foibles of children and pets. And who wants to spend a lot of time working to make your floors look good each day? Floors should look good all year long with just a mop, a little water and a little sweeping. No expensive waxes or special treatments are needed.

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Bring out the best in your floors

Concrete Polisher, Concrete Polishing,Polished Concrete, Polishing concrete

Choosing the correct floor option can be a little overwhelming. There are so many types of flooring materials out there now. One choice that is becoming more popular in the past decade is polished concrete, an elegant looking, stylish flooring option that turns ordinary concrete into a luxurious, modern-looking floor. It’s surprising how great concrete can look with a little attention from a concrete polisher.

How do people use polished concrete in the workplace? It’s a great choice for storefronts and warehouses that want a quality product but also for those that want a long-lasting floor option, with low maintenance. The process requires a trained professional, a concrete polisher who uses industrial equipment to polish floors.  This is not a good option for a do-it-yourselfer. The polisher uses disks filled with fine diamonds that grind down the rough layers of concrete. Sometimes chemical fluids are used to bring out as much shine as is possible from a concrete floor. The fluids and the polisher do wonders on your surface and bring the floor to life.

Here are just two simple advantages of polished concrete: It’s less expensive to install than some other flooring options and much less expensive to maintain.  A polished concrete floor is more durable than other types of flooring such as carpet and linoleum, which require more cleaning and maintenance. Plus, they are not as long lasting. Choose concrete floors, polished to a glowing shine, to get the most from your money and also to make a statement about the quality of your business.

Simplify, think polished concrete


Concrete Polisher, Concrete Polishing,Polished Concrete, Polishing concrete

When selecting the best floor covering or finish for a concrete slab in a commercial building, the process can be a time consuming event.  Make your life more simple by considering a product that is making it big these days. Previously, the flooring choice that led the way was VCT or coatings; however, things have changed. With the introduction of concrete polishing, business owners are finding this beautiful and versatile flooring provides many benefits that are important.

Here are a few benefits: high durability, resistance to scuff marks, money savings incurred because of reduced lighting needs and low maintenance. Another thing to consider is a polished concrete floor lasts forever and that reduces your overall costs.

Check prices of suppliers and installers, like Concrete Reflections, to get a better idea of what the final cost will be. Do your homework in advance and you’ll save in the long run.

By choosing polished concrete, you will not end up with a costly product that needs heavy-duty maintenance. That’s because once a concrete slab is polished, it needs only occasional wet mopping and a light detergent. That requires little in labor hours and supply costs.

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Polished concrete floors are sustainable

Concrete Polisher, Concrete Polishing,Polished Concrete, Polishing concrete

You might find it surprising that concrete floors are one of the most cost-effective, sustainable and most simple floor options used today. If you want to go green, then think polished concrete!

Why? Everyone knows concrete is an essential part of the construction process in most cases. So if you use flooring other than polished concrete, each additional step you take in the construction process adds more expenses, resources and makes an environmental impact rather than just leaving the flooring as concrete. Additionally, refining, manufacturing and transporting materials all add time and expense, too.

Polished concrete naturally reflects light in your business or industry, thus creating even greater light. Since your light inside is maximized, your electricity bill will be greatly reduced. Also, when you construct your walls or floor with concrete and combine it with a passive solar design, you then gain solar mass. This, in turn, moderates the temperature in your business or home. That gives you HVAC system a break, which means you save, too.

Here’s another plus: polished concrete floors to not attract mildew, mold or organisms anywhere like other flooring materials. That means your necessary cleaning is cut to a minimum, and improved air quality translates into fewer health hazards. Over time, this can become more relevant because wood can collect moisture and begin to warp or rot. Tiles may crack, or loosen and attract mold. But polished concrete remains consistent for decades.

Since a polished concrete surface will not attract mold, mildew, or organisms at anywhere near the scale of other flooring materials, necessary cleaning is cut to a minimum and improved air quality means less health hazards. Over time, this becomes much more relevant – as wood may collect moisture and begin to rot or warp, or tiles may crack or loosen, polished concrete will remain consistent for decades.

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