Concrete Polishing aka the Wild West of Concrete?

The concrete polishing industry is often referred to as the Wild West of Concrete. There seems to be no standard language to define the process and its hard for a consumer to determine who the industry experts really are.

As the popularity of polished concrete increased so did the rise of fly-by-night companies entering the industry.  These less than par concrete companies have blurred the quality of polished concrete as well as tainting the reputation of concrete floors.

Many times, Concrete Reflections highly experienced crew has been called to come and fix problems created by a concrete polisher that simply didn’t understand the proper procedures and techniques needed to create a beautiful concrete polished floor.

In fact, some flooring companies have tried to pass off shiny waxed or coated concrete as polished.  Concrete Reflections are industry experts and we understand and utilize and 8-12 step process that uses finely ground pieces of diamonds to etch away blemished, coatings and stains. When we are through with your flooring project, we will leave you with a high quality flooring that exceeds expectations.

We are ready to serve you on your next flooring project and we have tamed the Wild West of Concrete. Set your mind at ease and contact us today!  We are located all over the United States-check out our map.

Concrete floors are on the level!

Many distribution centers and warehouses are searching for a long lasting floor that is level and durable.  These days, many warehouses use unmanned forklifts to reach products stacked over 30 feet tall or higher.  Flat and level floors are essential for smooth operations and needed for material handling vehicles as well.

The result and demand for flat floors in warehouses and retail stores continues to increase. Polished concrete floors can be poured smooth and level and and will deflect bumps, peeling and chips.  Our flooring is extremely durable and hardy standing up to heavy wear and tear.

Commercial concrete polished floors are a great choice for warehouses, retail spaces, food service, grocery stores and more.  Our experienced staff knows exactly what it takes to install your floors and will give you the look you desire.

Not only will we pour floors that exceed your expectations, we guarantee it will last, maintain its initial look and will be done right.  Our floors are also reflective which increases ambient light in your facility, helping to reduce the use of overhead lighting, which is great on the electric bill.

If you are looking to install concrete polished floors, contact the industry leaders Concrete Reflections. We are ready to serve you with your next project and we are located all over the U.S.

Concrete is Monumental

In 2013, concrete was used to give Alcatraz Island also known as “The Rock” a face lift.  The harsh weather conditions had worn away the bluff that the historic landmark, the Warden’s House rested on.

First, concrete was applied to the the structure and then added to the bluff to provide stability.  Alcatraz is one of the nations most popular monuments, having more than 1.5 million visitors each year.

Not only was concrete able to provide a structurally sound slope, but the concrete was adapted to match the look of the surrounding environment. Stains were applied to the concrete bluffs to match the natural environment. The use of concrete is monumental!

Polished concrete floors can be adapted and adjusted to reflect your personality and style. Our staff knows exactly what it takes to change the pattern, color and gloss to meet your needs.

Concrete Reflections has the expertise, right equipment and will take the time to exceed your expectations and lay down a concrete polished foundation that best reflects the look you desire.

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Diamonds Are A Concrete Floors’ Best Friend

Concrete Reflections is the leader in the polished concrete industry and they understand the importance of a highly trained staff, proper techniques and methods and the right equipment.

Our family-owned and operated company understands the importance of customer service and has 20 years of experience and expertise in laying a strong concrete polished foundation. And this foundation includes the use of diamonds!

We use an 8-12 step polishing method that utilizes heavy duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated metal bond and resin bond disks. The use of these diamond disks allow us to remove stains, blemishes and discolorations and leaves a polished floor that is smooth and shiny and looks like marble and feels like granite.

You may be wondering are these diamonds real?  The diamonds are, in fact, man-made and are formed using a similar process what occurs in nature. The synthetic diamonds are created by being subjected to carbon at high temperatures and pressures. The carbon atoms then squeeze together causing an atomic bonding and are then locked into a diamond crystal structure.

Over the years, improvements have been made in diamond manufacturing to increase the yield of high purity particles. Other developments have been made in producing coated diamonds to improve diamond retention in the metal bonds.

The history of diamond manufacturing has improved over the last 83 years and has grown to create a top notch product.  Concrete Reflections understand the importance of growth and progress in this industry and they are the name to trust when installing concrete polished floors.

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Wine and Concrete Do Mix!

Wine and Concrete-not exactly what you expect to be paired up.  The truth is-they make a great pair!

The ancient practice of fermenting wine in concrete was just a thing of the past, until California winemakers discovered that the old process actually makes better tasting wine.

The walls of concrete protect the wine from mercury swings enabling the wine to ferment at a more even and cooler temperature. Believe it or not, concrete “breathes” much like oak and it doesn’t change the taste of the wine like stainless steel. The oxygen pockets in concrete helps preserve the aromatics of the wine.

Yet another unique benefit of concrete. Not only is concrete a great choice for cultivating a great tasting glass of wine, it is the best choice for flooring.  Polished concrete floors are the top choice among architects and builders all throughout the U.S.

Concrete polished floors are durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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Choosing Concrete Floors

It’s important for business owners to choose the right kind of floor for their commercial building. Choosing a floor finish or floor covering for a concrete slab in a commercial building can be a time consuming decision. Of course, for many, the issue is price point. Coatings and VCT have been the leaders in cost effective flooring; however, recently concrete polishing has gotten many people’s attention as a long-lasting and economical choice.

Why? Here are several reasons.

1) Remember when you purchase a polished concrete floor; this is a substantial investment that you will live with for years to come.
2) The cost and installation price of a concrete polished floor by Concrete Reflections does vary in cost per square foot depending on total square footage to be polished and the level of shine you choose. It initially may cost more than other flooring options, but concrete flooring that is polished saves money over the long haul.
3) A polished concrete floor provides numerous benefits, some which save you money such as lower energy costs, reducing infrastructure lighting cost, significantly less maintenance, and the floor lasts forever, removing replacement costs.

It’s true; flooring of all kinds requires some maintenance. But polished concrete’s maintenance costs are reduced because it will only require occasional wet mopping with a light soap. You can then dry mop on occasion. Both are easy and are require very little money.

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Commercial Concrete Polishing

An important part of finishing a commercial building is selecting the best floor covering or finish for a concrete slab. Many business owners agree that making a final choice certainly involves price point. VCT or coatings have led the way in cost-effective flooring; however, things have changed. Now, concrete polishing, by professional concrete polishers, is a viable and excellent option.

There are several benefits to polished concrete floors. Besides their beauty, the business owner also enjoys lower maintenance, resistance to scuff marks, high durability and the fact that this is a product that does not need continual replacement. A floor done with polished concrete lasts forever, and that saves you money.
Installation prices for materials, labor and installation do vary state by stage, so it is good to work with a professional like Concrete Reflections, to get a firm idea of what the final cost will be. This significant investment pays dividends for years to come.

A true benefit of polished concrete is its low maintenance. Once a concrete slab is polished, this versatile and beautiful floor only needs occasional wet mopping and a light detergent. This is easy for the business to provide and requires little in labor hours and supply costs.

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Let’s face it, concrete can be ugly and unappealing.

Give your old concrete a new look with the surprising benefits of polished concrete, a new approach to the decades old question: “What can I do to make my floors look better?” When you have a beautiful floor in your showroom or warehouse, clients feel more comfortable and recognize you care about your business by keeping it attractive and clean. Thanks to the work of concrete polishing companies, your old concrete can take on a new life. And that will appeal to your customers and clients, now and for years to come.

This surprisingly affordable alternative to other flooring options has many advantages: safety, sustainability and plus, it just looks great. Any concrete floor, using the expertise of concrete polishers, can be turned into a beautiful, sleek surface that does not slip and requires no further epoxies or additives to maintain.
Maintaining a floor can be expensive! However, the cost of a polished concrete floor compares favorably with vinyl composition tile. Maintenance costs are the key… concrete polished floors are about 60 percent less than VCT, so you put money in your pocket that might have been used just to maintain your floor.

Looks at what is new for Floors!

Changes have come to contemporary flooring

Concrete Polisher, Concrete Polishing,Polished Concrete, Polishing concrete

The construction industry, within the last decade or so, has embraced the polished concrete floor. While sometimes utilized in industrial settings, concrete polishing is now becoming a flooring of choice in offices, retail spaces and event residential homes.

Why so much interest? It is a well-known fact that polished concrete connects the durability of concrete with aesthetics associated with natural stone. What’s the result? A glowing, gleaming finish, that not only looks really great but is easy to take care of. And, it is truly durable. A nice footnote is that concrete floors are an environmentally sustainable flooring choice.

Whether old or new construction, a polished concrete floor can be utilized. In new construction, the slab can be poured specifically for the purpose of creating a feature floor, or a workspace that is highly functional. In existing buildings, slabs that are already there can be ground down and polished to create a long-lasting and quite appealing floor that maintains its shine.  It’s surprising how durable this flooring is, and also, as a side note, it is exceptionally easy to maintain.

Let Concrete Reflections quote your next concrete polishing project.


Beautiful Floors

It comes as no surprise that most people do not have an image of a concrete floor as an attractive, esthetically pleasing option for a floor. Their image is more of product that is used to build houses, bridges and roads.

However, almost without exception, polished concrete is an excellent value, a strong, reliable and environmentally-friendly material that can bring value to your business environment.

Our company can transform an ordinary cement floor into something truly spectacular.

It’s a Concrete Reflections, Inc. Floor

We use a proprietary method of diamond grinding using a combination of metal bond and resin bond diamonds. We add a hardener with state-of-the-art machinery and tooling that produces a long-lasting, granite-like shine.

The polished floor is durable, versatile, functional, eco-friendly, surprisingly economical and a distinctive trendsetter. Whether it is new or a 60-year-old floor… it can become an amazing floor.