Concrete floors are on the level!

Many distribution centers and warehouses are searching for a long lasting floor that is level and durable.  These days, many warehouses use unmanned forklifts to reach products stacked over 30 feet tall or higher.  Flat and level floors are essential for smooth operations and needed for material handling vehicles as well.

The result and demand for flat floors in warehouses and retail stores continues to increase. Polished concrete floors can be poured smooth and level and and will deflect bumps, peeling and chips.  Our flooring is extremely durable and hardy standing up to heavy wear and tear.

Commercial concrete polished floors are a great choice for warehouses, retail spaces, food service, grocery stores and more.  Our experienced staff knows exactly what it takes to install your floors and will give you the look you desire.

Not only will we pour floors that exceed your expectations, we guarantee it will last, maintain its initial look and will be done right.  Our floors are also reflective which increases ambient light in your facility, helping to reduce the use of overhead lighting, which is great on the electric bill.

If you are looking to install concrete polished floors, contact the industry leaders Concrete Reflections. We are ready to serve you with your next project and we are located all over the U.S.

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