Concrete Polishing aka the Wild West of Concrete?

The concrete polishing industry is often referred to as the Wild West of Concrete. There seems to be no standard language to define the process and its hard for a consumer to determine who the industry experts really are.

As the popularity of polished concrete increased so did the rise of fly-by-night companies entering the industry.  These less than par concrete companies have blurred the quality of polished concrete as well as tainting the reputation of concrete floors.

Many times, Concrete Reflections highly experienced crew has been called to come and fix problems created by a concrete polisher that simply didn’t understand the proper procedures and techniques needed to create a beautiful concrete polished floor.

In fact, some flooring companies have tried to pass off shiny waxed or coated concrete as polished.  Concrete Reflections are industry experts and we understand and utilize and 8-12 step process that uses finely ground pieces of diamonds to etch away blemished, coatings and stains. When we are through with your flooring project, we will leave you with a high quality flooring that exceeds expectations.

We are ready to serve you on your next flooring project and we have tamed the Wild West of Concrete. Set your mind at ease and contact us today!  We are located all over the United States-check out our map.

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